Muscular vigour will still always be needed to furnish the background of sanity serenity and cheerfulness to life, to give moral elasticity to our disposition, to round off the weary edge of our fretfulness and make us good humoured and easy of approach.

William James (1892)

What is my training style & philosophy?

My company name Myoho-body is carefully chosen

Myō 妙, is the name given to the mystic nature of life, our mind and spiritual aspect, and Hō 法 it’s manifestations, our physical aspect.

Physical and Emotional Health are intrinsically linked. Pushing our bodies also pushes our minds. Getting into shape isn’t just a physical battle; it is an emotional one as well - finding the time to dedicate to yourself, without fear of failure or guilt about other responsibilities.

I am passionate about people becoming inspired, knowledgeable and equipped with the necessary skills so they can continue work independently. My sessions are a starting point- the end is never ending. I want you to adopt a healthy lifestyle as a way of life, not just getting fit for short term!

My main objective is to deliver safe & appropriately challenging sessions that are stress free, fun, accessible and tailored to individual training goals and physical need.

Using useful techniques specific to your own lifestyle and fitness levels, I offer realistic step-by-step approaches that allow strength to develop progressively and conditioning to emerge.

Sessions are FITT for purpose with “Frequency, Intensity, Time & Type “ constantly varied, integrated and modified so that existing injuries are not exacerbated and ensuring new ones are avoided.

Understanding our unique-ness, life must be lived as a competition with oneself- from that place; inevitably we will experience transformation.

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