You have not lived the world of competitive sport until you have fought a battle that is not against an opponent, but against yourself!

Peter Pollock

What are my qualifications?

My expertise

During my 3-year Sport and Exercise degree at Middlesex University, I developed an expertise in:

– Biomechanics
– Nutrition
– Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology
– Obesity and exercise
– Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy
(Teaching and Coaching)
– Psychology, Physiology and Biomechanics of Netball Players
Dissertation Research 
Factors encouraging female adolescents’ continued participation in sport and exercise.

Since taking my degree I have also gained the following

– REPS Level 3 Personal training
– YMCA fit Level 3 Ante and Postnatal exercise
– Buggycise
– CYQ L2 Exercise to Music
– CYQ L2 Gym Instructor Anatomy and Physiology
– Skills Active IQ Circuit Training (Planning & instructing)
– Skills Active IQ -adapting fitness for adolescents
– Amateur Boxing Association Boxing Leaders Award
– Higher Sports Leadership Level 3 Sports Award

– UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC)
– UKCC Level 1 & 2 Roller-skating
– UKCC Level 1 & 2 Netball
– UKCC L1 Gymnastics
– L1 FA Football coach,
– L1 Rugby
– L1 Volleyball
– L1 Badminton sports
– L1 Wheelchair Basketball
– L1 Basketball
– L1 Tennis.

And I don’t intend to stop there…

As the fitness industry is hyper competitive, continued professional development is an absolute necessity. My responsibility and commitment to expanding my theoretical knowledge continues through accredited courses, reading research and attending seminars and events. My current focus is on the Yoga and Pilates techniques, which I use extensively in my sessions.

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